Public offer shop offers individuals to conclude a contract on the terms of the offer.

1. Subject of the contract: provision of services on the website Description of services, prices and payment methods can be found in the personal account.

2. The contract is considered concluded from the moment the buyer pays for the order.

3. The services are provided remotely.

4. You can be refunded for substandard services within 7 days from the date of payment. Send an email to for refund and indicate the email address for which the account was created, the date of creating the order and the reason for the refund. Our representative will contact you within 24 hours. If these conditions are met, we will refund the money or provide the proper service within 3 working days.

5. The pre-trial dispute resolution procedure is mandatory in the event of any complaints. Send us an email to We will review the complaint and respond within 3 business days.

6. If no agreement is reached, disputes are referred to the Arbitration Court of Krasnodar, Russia

7. The buyer agrees to provide the seller with the following personal details: email address.

8. If a bank card payment is chosen, the customer is directed to the UnitPay payment service, which is responsible for the processing and safety of the customer’s bank card details.

9. Customer details are used to pay for the order and to provide the service.

10. The Shop shall not bear any responsibility for possible consequences that may arise after or during the provision of the service.

11. The Shop retains the right to refuse to provide the service if it finds violations of its Terms of Service.

12. It is forbidden to promote the same case from different accounts.

13. The Shop retains the right to change the offer at its own discretion. The changes come into force from the moment of publication on the website

14. Details.

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