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Promotion on ArtStation

Make your work more visible - increase sales and audience. Followers, likes and comments

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Up to 25% discount on rates
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BeTop.me is an automated service for promoting designers on social networks
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19 Oct 2021, 05:24, the account is active
The promotion starts in 5-15 minutes after the assignment has been created
There are thousands of active people at your disposal to complete your assignment.
We do not have fixed plans – launch assignments for any number of likes, views, comments and subscribers in your automated personal account!
  • New customers
    High profile activity provides new orders
  • Breaking into the TOP
    A huge number of likes, views, comments and followers to increase the position of your cases and profiles in social networks
  • Trust
    People trust communities and pages with numerous followers and a lot of activity
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Promotion on VKontakte
Boost likes, views, reposts and subscribers in VK. Realistic, active accounts
Promotion on Pixiv
Boosting likes and views on Pixiv.net. No bots. Result is guaranteed. Promotion of Pixiv illustration, manga and novels into the TOP
Promotion on TikTok
Affordable views, likes and followers from real TikTok users. No need to tie your account to our system!
Promotion on Instagram
Boosting followers and likes with a guarantee. Make your Instagram account more attractive to customers
Promotion on Dribbble
Boosting likes, views and comments on Dribbble. Bring your shot to the TOP – attract the customers attention!
Promotion on the most popular website for designers and artists
Boosting likes from registered users, views, comments and followers on the most popular website for designers and artists. No bots. Result is guaranteed.
Promote for free by completing assignments and receiving local currency or using the invited referrals
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Added cheat for likes and comments on ArtStaion. More details in your personal account https://lk.betop.me/order/artstation ⭐Accounts are real and are members of our site ⭐100% fulfillment guarantee, low unsubscription rate
Added boosting on VKontakte: likes, views, reposts, subscribers. More details in your personal account https://lk.betop.me/ ⭐ Accounts have an avatar, description, at least 5 photos and a completed wall ⭐100%...
Likes come from realistic Instagram accounts with an avatar, signature and at least 15 posts (sometimes more posts) The minimum number of likes is 10 The task is completed quickly...

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Why should I promote?

  • The high rating of your case leads to more hits from potential customers.
  • Higher chances that curators will add your case to the gallery.
  • Many likes, views, comments and subscriptions to your account will increase organic views/likes/comments.

How to get orders?

  • Build a great portfolio: reveal the essence in each case, fill in the project fields properly (make a bright eye-catching cover, select categories, fill in the title, description and tags).
  • Be active: like others’ cases, comment, post links to your projects on social networks and wherever possible.

To get customers, your case should be as high as possible in the top of the category and hold this position as long as possible. For this, we have plans with a lot of likes, views and comments, which will help your case get to the top!

How do you promote?

  • Sign up to your personal account (registration takes less than a minute).
  • Create an assignment: provide the link, the required number of likes, views and comments.
  • The case is launched for promotion immediately and automatically, and you can see the statistics update in your personal account.

How can I promote for free? / Do you have a referral program?

You can earn coins (our internal currency) in your personal account by completing assignments – leaving comments under cases and following accounts (the list of assignments will expand). You can boost your cases in exchange for the earned coins absolutely free!
A referral program is also available: invite your friends and colleagues to the service. You will get 10% of the replenishment amount of your referral. For example, if your friend replenishes the balance with 1,000 coins, you get 100.

Are they bots?

No, we are against using bots. We don’t use bots either.

How do you do this, if you don’t use bots?

We use motivated traffic to promote a case. People visit your case page, like and comment it. As a result, the case gets into the weekly top. Then the curators can take it to the gallery.

Will I be banned?

There has not yet been a single case of a ban in our practice. There is no reason for bans, because all people are alive.

What about a smooth traffic growth?

The traffic is distributed evenly throughout the entire promotion period. It looks like an organic growth.

Are likes from registered users?

No, likes are put by not registered users. The important point is that there is no difference whether a registered user has put a like or not. This does not influence the ranking of the project in the top. For the website, it looks like a case gets lots of traffic from social networks, search engines and various websites.

How to pay for the promotion?

We accept payments from all countries in multiple ways (in your personal account). There are restrictions on accepting payments by cards from the following countries: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Japan and Chile. If you pay with a card issued in these countries or cannot top up the balance for some other reason, please contact our support (email [email protected] or Telegram @afipsky). We will offer alternative ways to top up the balance: Yandex Money, WebMoney and PayPal.

Do you have any other websites?

We have been operating since 2017. Other are trying to copy us by including BeTop in the name of their website. Our only genuine website BeTop is located at the betop.me domain name, and our personal account is located at lk.betop.me. We also have a VK community at https://vk.com/betopme. The rest of the resources with our name included have nothing to do with us.

Extended plans

You will get discounts on balance replenishment and earn more on completing assignments, if you subscribe. You can subscribe for a month or a year. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the free plan. More about the subscription to an advanced plan

Do bots come into work?

No, your work is visited by real people, likes are also given by real people

How to promote shots on Dribble properly?

You need to start boosting immediately after the case publication — in this case, it will get into the top. If the case was created a long time ago, it is better to delete it, create a new one, and start promotion on Dribbble.

Why promote TikTok?

The increased account activity and growing likes, views and comments make your videos appear in the recommendations of other users. Your video can be not just entertaining, but also advertising and presenting services.

Are the assignments completed by real people?

Likes are put by real people with filled accounts. Likes do not disappear over time.
Followers are the same people who put likes (with real active accounts).
Views are boosted by unauthorized users who ensure the necessary activity for TikTok to count video views.

Can be account or video banned for boosting?

No, they cannot. We comply with the TikTok limits, and the actions are performed by real users, so TikTok has no doubts about the traffic origin. You can check it yourself in your personal account by performing a free trial boosting.

Do I need to enter my account details on your website?

No, you don’t. The boosting is made anonymously, without logging into your TikTok profile.

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