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10 Simple Ways to promote yourself on Behance

30.11.2017 Нет комментариев


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Hello, dear friend!

Probably you are searching for ways to get more Likes and Views of your portfolio on Behance. I’ve wondered about that too. I collected bits of knowledge from the Internet and received a bitter experience of using it, which I will describe here in one post.

For those who do not know why to trick out their profile:

Behance is an excellent source of receiving orders and a handy tool to show your portfolio. That’s all.

If you do not need getting orders or you do not need to sell yourself, then I do not understand why you post your works.

Let’s go!

1. Do qualitatively or do not do it at all.

It’s the first and most important thing, without which you do not need to read further.

Yes, it is trivial. But no matter how hard you try to promote a slop project – it will not work. You can get views, likes and even comments with the help of motivated users. But this is not enough.

If you do want orders with Behance, hire a hottest designer for the next project. Arrange to publish works in your own account.

2. Fill out your profile


Add links to all social networks where you spend most of time. If there is a personal blog \ website, also mention it. The sections “About Me”, “Work Experience” should not be left empty.

Good profile: https://www.behance.net/seliseev

Badly filled profile: https://www.behance.net/iamxxparka0e0

3. Publish only the best of your works on Behance

It is better to show the boldest one than 10 ordinary works.

Check out the profiles of other people from the top positions. There are many designers who have less than 10 works in their portfolio, but views, “likes”, subscribers are thousands.


4. Share your projects on your social media channels

Behance offers to share your work on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Use everything!

Also add another social networks, where you have the majority of subscribers: VK, OK, Google+, etc.

5. Presentation

It is one of the most important moments. It is important to be able to sell your work. To do this, you need to work on the presentation. Just taking a screenshot of the work is not enough.

Users like stories. Show the pathway. Your first sketches, searches, how you got there.

If your work is about UI \ UX  – animations will help you.

Check out top works. Figure out how awesome designers are doing it. Try to copy them.

6. Сlick Like button and comment other people’s works

Do as much activity as possible. Find a project you like, click «like» and write a comment:

Great job, I like it!
Check my work and give feedback.

In reply you can get likes and comments.

Not everybody will answer you. But the more likes you click and comments you leave, the more replies you can get.

7. Informal compilations, networks, forums

Share your works wherever it is possible. In each sphere there are special forums, share your works where you spend the most time.

There are groups on VK, that publish everything:

8. Related sites

Public your works on such designer websites as

9. dribe.org

It’s a website, where you can share your projects with other users and get more likes, followers and comments.

The principle of work is the following:

  1. Click “likes” to other people’s projects and get points for it.
  2. You spend earn points on getting “likes” from other people.

In a free account you can get 30 “likes” per day.

dribe.org also works with dribble, medium and artstation.

10. For the lazy men

We have organized the service to promote projects on Behance – BeTop.me

The procedure is simple:

  1. You leave a request on the site with a link to the project.
  2. We launch the promotion. Depending on the tariff, the project is visited by 1000 to 5000 people. They put “likes” and leave comments.
  3. Your project climbes the ranks in the weekly TOP Behance.

Join the VK group vk.com/betopme , where provides additional detail.

That’s all. Good luck in promotion your works!

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